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 FAF Armada Layout

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Shane COA


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PostSubject: FAF Armada Layout   Wed Jul 15, 2015 3:36 am

Greetings Everyone,

  As I'm sure most of you know, STO is introducing the fleet armada system. Basically what they are now going to allow other fleets to do is what we've been doing all along but with some extra benefits. It basically works as a pyramid starting with the most developed fleet (our main fleet in this case) and ending with the least developed fleets. The top fleet is called the Alpha Fleet. There are then 3 fleets under the Alpha Fleet which are called the Beta Fleets. Finally, under each Beta Fleet are three more fleets called the Gamma Fleets which gives a total of 13 fleets maximum for each Armada. Each fleet has a fleet level based on the level of completion on their holdings, and each Armada has a level based on the total of all of the fleet levels. Both the fleets and the Armadas have a maximum level based on the following.

Each completed fleet holding will give each fleet the following:
    Starbase = 20 Levels
    Embassy = 9 Levels
    Dilithium Mine = 9 Levels
    Spire = 9 Levels
    Research Lab = 9 Levels


Now, if you take that and multiply it by the max number of Fleets that can be in an Armada, you'll get (56 * 13) = 728 Total Armada Levels (Tier 14 max).

As mentioned above, the Armada system gives some bonuses to the fleets which differ depending on their position in the Armada.  The Tier 1 Armada Bonus starts at Armada Level 50, and increases for every 50 Armada Levels past that. The bonuses are as follows:

Skill Point Bonus:
 Alpha Fleet = 1% + 1% per Tier above 1
 Beta Fleet = 0.5% + 0.5% per Tier above 1
 Gamma Fleet = 0.25% + 0.25% per Tier above 1

Dilithium Discounts:
 Alpha Fleet = 0.25% + 0.25% per Tier above 1
 Beta Fleet = 0.5% + 0.5% per Tier above 1
 Gamma Fleet = 1% + 1% per Tier above 1

Another advantage of the Armada System is that you will no longer have to physically change fleets to donate to their fleet holdings in order to earn fleet credits. There will be an Armada screen on which you can access the various fleets in the Armada and then donate to their holdings. The Fleet Captains and Senior Staff do have the option of limiting what and where you can donate (i.e. what type of donation (Dil, FM, Comm, etc.) can be made to which holding). However, if you want to buy fleet gear from a higher level fleet you will still need a map invite to do so, and you will still have to physically change fleets to buy a fleet ship from a higher level starbase. We will also gain an Armada chat channel which will work the same as our current channel freedom fleet and allow all the fleet members to talk. We will be keeping our freedom fleet chat channel as we will still need it to talk to the members in our KDF fleets since cross faction fleets are not allowed.

I am attaching a graphic to show how our Armada will be setup. You will receive a fleet mail once it is setup and ready to go.

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FAF Armada Layout
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