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 Teamspeak Rules & Etiquette

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Shane COA


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PostSubject: Teamspeak Rules & Etiquette   Wed Jul 15, 2015 2:49 am

Greetings Fleetmates,

We would like to go over the rules for using our TS and some points of behavior.

1.  Please put your in game @handle after whatever nickname you choose to use in teamspeak. This will let everyone know which toon you are in in-game chat and prevent confusion.

2.  Please watch your language. We all swear from time to time and that is fine. However, when it becomes almost every other word it becomes annoying and is totally unacceptable.

3.  The Ten Forward channel is just for hanging out. If you form a team please switch to a mission room to do your missions/ STF's / Ship Builds, etc. If you have problems switching
         between the game and TS, just ask someone to move you. This will allow you to communicate mission details without having to try and talk over other people an it allows the
         people in Ten Forward to have discussions without having to listen to your actions. If you are in a team and feel you can complete whatever mission you are doing with minimal
         talk, feel free to stay in Ten Forward.

4.  Ten Forward is an open discussion room. You can talk about anything you like but we do ask that you avoid religion and politics as these conversations tend to go south very quickly.
     We know this because we have had issues with it before, so if you feel you must discuss these topics with another person in TS please move to another room. Also, if you are
     discussing a game other than STO and it gets very involved, please consider the other TS users in the room who might not be into that game and switch to another room.

We always welcome your comments and concerns and do our best to act on them, but please keep in mind that we have to take into account all of our TS users. As the saying goes “You can’t please all of the people all of the time” so just remember that while you may not agree with something that is done in TS, what we do is aimed at making the TS experience as enjoyable as possible for ALL of our fleet members.

Jeraco Admiral of the Alliance
Maverick Admiral of the Alliance
Shane Commodore of the Alliance
Nato Commodore of the Alliance
Abreal Commodore of the Alliance
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Teamspeak Rules & Etiquette
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