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 FAF Chain of Command

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PostSubject: FAF Chain of Command   Tue Jul 14, 2015 5:34 am

Greetings everyone. We would like to take a moment and explain the chain of command for the Federation Alliance Fleets. This will introduce you to the senior staff and give you an idea of who is responsible for what in fleet operations. If you have a problem or suggestion, we ask that you follow the chain of command starting with your fleet captain. If that doesn’t resolve your issue then move up the line. We are one of largest and possibly the largest groups in STO with over 3,000 members. With this may members things can get confusing and cause problems if we don’t follow the chain of command. By following the chain of command your experience in STO with our fleets will be more enjoyable and will allow us to deal with problems and new ideas to benefit all of the fleets.

Fleet Admirals, these are the owners of the Federation Alliance Fleets. Jeraco@[UFP]Jeraco, Maverick@cowkiller75
Commodores, these are the individuals that oversee the operations of all the Federation Alliance Fleets. Shane@Hienlien, Nato@natorepublic, Abreal@kowboyken
Fleet Quartermaster, This is the individual that maintains the fleet banks. Jordan Vershak@starbase2012
Fleet Captains and Executive Officers, these are the individuals run the various Federation Alliance fleets as listed below:
Fed Alliance Fleet. Control of this fleet is shared by the fleet admirals.
FAF Alpha. Captain: Shane@Hienlien. XO: Unassigned
FAF Bravo. Captain: About to die@diesquick. XO: Starman@viper1905
FAF Delta. Captain: Cyberman@cyberman42. XO: Unassigned
FAF Echo. Captain: Veran@dana0071. XO: Unassigned
FAF Golf. Captain: Deedee@cptbaldo24. XO: Ken@dockj
FAF Kilo. Captain: Deanna Ryan@gazman2012. XO: Unassigned
FAF Oscar. Captain: Athena@Athena115. XO: Slam Dance@Wonhonglo
FAF Hotel. Captain: Yuri@qajk. XO: Unassigned
FAF Papa. Captain: Abreal@kowboyken. XO: T’lvar@sirforrrr
FAF Zulu. Captain:  James.T@CptGhoul. XO: Njord@S.G.Horsfall
Alliance Pirates (KDF). Captain: K’Plunk@superderk. XO: Kagrok@asmodial66
Klingon Blood Warriors (KDF). Captain: K’Plop@superderk XO: Lucy@asmodial66

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FAF Chain of Command
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