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 Papa Fleet June Report

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PostSubject: Papa Fleet June Report   Tue May 31, 2016 7:01 pm

Hello Fleet members:

  This will be rather short. First, welcome to the new members. I hope you found all the information easy to understand and hope to fly a few missions with you.

   Now onto Fleet business: Fleet Bank - is for all members. Treat it as such. There has been a few "questionable" withdraws. I will send out another copy of Fleet Bank Rules, later, just as a reminder to all members. I believe this was just an oversight, but we will be watching the bank closely.

   As for the Holdings, you might have noticed a small delay on setting the projects. We have a couple of new members that have expressed their desire to donate. I try to set the new projects when they are online so they can contribute the "easier attained items". So please, understand the reasoning at this time. But, we are progressing nicely. A few more weeks and we should be able to start the Upgrade Project. Then we can move onto the last series of Projects for our Starbase. Great Job Everyone!

   Here it is, the repetitive information you do not like to read about: When flying through sector space, please invite people to the Fleet. (it is called Recruiting) All members should actively recruit new members. Be courteous to all members and invite them to chat with us (through all venues) and direct them to the information for the addresses.

   Well, that's all for this month. Keep up the good work and Fly True.....



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Papa Fleet June Report
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