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 Hello All, and this is February

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PostSubject: Hello All, and this is February   Thu Feb 04, 2016 4:20 am

Hello Fleet members and welcome to another month of star trek. Our fleet is moving along pretty good, wish to thank you all for that. We are now at research L2 and Spire L2. With a little push our embassy has started on its way to completing some large projects. I would also like to remember our members we have a up and running teamspeak3 chat system. All you have to do is download the chat software, and enter in server area this " nyc01.mainvoice.net:7577" . That should get you into the voice chat. If you do not have a mic it's not a problem, you can type in there or in the games Freedom fleet game chat. We hold many PVE missions in there and also talk about strong builds. If you need any detail info, just look at our fleets information section in the game window. You can also contact me in game- mail/private at veran@dana0071.... On a side note our fleet needs some fleet marks and a lot of Duty officers Smile
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Hello All, and this is February
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