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 Fleet Update Kilo (November)

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Deanna Ryan@Gazman2012


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PostSubject: Fleet Update Kilo (November)   Mon Nov 23, 2015 5:15 am

Hello Kilo,

Great work with completing the Dillithium mine.....

Current status of the Fleet,

Dillithium Mine: Tier 3
Embassy: Tier 2
Spire: Tier 2
Research Lab: Tier 1
Starbase: Tier 3 (Shipyard upgrade in progress, Then a science)

As most of you will be aware that Xmas is approaching and I have been informed by commodores that there will be a special Xmas lottery and to ask you the members of Kilo fleet if you wish to donate to said Lottery then please send me the items or send them directly to Kowboy (@Kowboyken).

As normal if anyone has any questions then feel free to mail me in game but otherwise please keep up the good work.

Your fearless Fleet Captain
Deanna Ryan
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Fleet Update Kilo (November)
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