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  November Allaince info

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PostSubject: November Allaince info   Wed Nov 18, 2015 1:44 am

Hello all it's that time again, Fleet info. We are moving along steady, echo is now part of the focus alliance. We will be focusing still on the research, but also all main projects. We will need dilithium and some Duty officers. I'm going to slow down on the mini projects till a few main ones are filled up. Our star base is going to run a few resource projects to fill up our holdings. <- these also need a good amount of dilithium, but make this your secondary mission. November is a rough month for me, So much real life work. Remember if anyone needs items for there ships to just ask for map or transfer help in Freedom fleet chat or Armada chat.
For any personal fleet help/assistance send me a mail in the game.   Veran/steve
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November Allaince info
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