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 Research Lab + T5 Starbase

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PostSubject: Research Lab + T5 Starbase   Fri Nov 13, 2015 6:51 am

Greeting and salutations captains,

really good job captains, we will be the first fleet in our FAF Armada to have finished the Fleet Research Lab (cool down will be done tomorrow), also the Starbase Tier 5 Upgrade will be coming off cool down later today. The last big upgrade on the starbase is the Engineering Tier 5 Upgrade, after that there will be just a few minor upgrades left on the starbase. Means we are close to have our fleet holdings and starbase all completed, I’m certain we are able to finish the rest before Christmas comes around.

Also this weekend is an upgrade weekend, where we will gain twice as much Tech Points for upgrading an item. And the Mirror Invasion Event is currently active, even if you don't care about the event reward, the PvE queue rewards all the reputation marks a good opportunity to finish any open Reputation Systems (you have to be lvl 50).

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Research Lab + T5 Starbase
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