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 Alpha Fleet November Update

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Shane COA


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PostSubject: Alpha Fleet November Update   Tue Nov 03, 2015 7:18 am

Greetings Alpha!!

I would like to start by saying welcome to all of our new members. Alpha is now the largest fleet in the Armada!! We still have room to grow so if you know anyone that is playing the game feel free to invite them to our fleet.

Our holdings are moving along nicely. In 8 days we will be able to buy 1 additional ground reputation trait slot and 1 space reputation slot from our R&D lab. Our starbase is also moving along. We should be reaching tier 5 in military by the end of the year. This will allow us to upgrade our shipyard so we can buy T5 fleet ships as well as upgrade the starbase itself to tier 5.

Unfortunately the fleet bank is still broken. Hopefully they will fix it with the next patch. I am monitoring it and will inform you when it is fixed. I would like to remind everyone again of our communications channels. We have fleet chat, armada chat, freedom fleet chat, and our teamspeak voice chat. I strongly urge everyone to take advantage of these channels. We have some very experienced ship builders in our armada that are more than willing to help improve your builds. All you have to do is ask. Keep up the great work!! See you out there!!

Fleet Admiral Shane
Commanding, FAF Alpha
Commodore of the Alliance
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Alpha Fleet November Update
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