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PostSubject: Hello...   Fri Sep 04, 2015 11:34 pm

In game handle is @Aschienta. I have 2 characters in STO and have been offered a position on your fleet. I have yet to except as I do not know the people of the fleet yet. I am Male, 42 years old with 2 teenage girls for kids and a wife of 21 years. I am not a young one. I do not play a lot of STO but it is the only game I have played for 2 years off and on. I ran my own fleet for a long time and many guilds through out other games over the last 15 - 16 years. I am not interested in being in charge of anything any more as I have other priorities in life that take up much of my time. The reason I write this is because of the last fleet I helped out. For the first 2-4 months I dumped a lot of money into that fleet and helped them reach tier 5. They obviously kicked me once I decided I donated enough to them and they moved on with out me. I would go into more details but honestly, I hate drama. I am not sure I am ready to help another fleet out right now but the one that approached me seemed to be a nice person and I promised him/her I would at least look into it and consider it. I am not going to be a huge contributor but I will help where I can. I run away from my computer almost all the time so grouping up with people makes it difficult on others so I try not to hinder others game play. If I am available to join a raid, group, mission I am there but keep in mind I do run after a family and they are so much more important than a game. If your still interested in me after this then we are on the same page and I might except the invitation I was offered. I have TS on as I write this. I love voice chat as it helps the game in many ways and allows people to get to know each other. I have nothing to hide from any one but I have a lot to do so please do not think I am a very active player. Thanks for the invite, even though I have yet to except it. If you are looking for a real person to have a good conversation with and some one who will in time offer support to the progress of the fleet then shoot me a line. It might take some time for me to aid greatly in the growth of the fleet as I have been stung in the past. I would hate to think it can happen again but I am cautious. I will keep TS on for the next few weeks when I am playing and try to get to know people but again family first so I really only play 3-6 hours a week. I hope to see some of you in the TS server and in game.
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