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 Fleet Update (September)

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Deanna Ryan@Gazman2012


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PostSubject: Fleet Update (September)   Fri Sep 04, 2015 8:00 am

Greetings Kappa,

Fleet Update

Dillithium Mine - Upgrade to Tier 3

This is the second upgrade to the Dillithium mine and we are seriously in need of common duty officers and if you have any please donate to the Dillithium upgrade project.


Currently about half way to Tier 3 but with other upgrades on going the embassy will be put on the back burner till the other upgrades are done (The exception to this rule will be the need for more provisions)

Research Lab - Upgrade to Tier 1

The Research lab has the upgrade on going for tier one and once this is finished will be concentrating on getting provisions for the Research lab whilst working on the other projects.


Currently Tier 2 and will require some work once the upgrades are out of the way but currently other than provisioning projects I don't expect much work to be done till the other upgrade projects are completed.

Starbase - Tier 2 (Tier 3 Industrial Fabricator upgrade)

Tier 3 Industrial Fabricator upgrade has been ongoing for a little while now but once this is completed as well as the other upgrades our focus will be on the Embassy and Spire as well as making sure all the provisions are there for our fleet members to be able to get the fleet equipment when needed (To do this just make the request for the required level Starbase, Spire, Embassy, Research lab, Dillithium mine in Freedom fleet and you will get the invite to the place you need to go.

Freedom Fleet In Game Chat Channel

If Anyone has yet to sign up to the in game chat channel then please do so. If you need to know how to do this then please go into the Starbase in game and look in the information section.

New XO Appointed

As most of you have been aware I have been in charge of Kilo Fleet solo for a while but I am pleased to announce that Jim James.T@CptGhoul has been appointed as Fleet Executive officer and so if I am not online and you need a quick answer then please direct your question to Jim or send me the question via in game mail and I will respond as soon as possible.

Your Fearless Fleet Captain

Deanna Ryan
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Fleet Update (September)
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