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 Echo's where we are now info..

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PostSubject: Echo's where we are now info..    Fri Sep 04, 2015 4:49 am

Hello Fleet Echo, hope everyone is doing good. As we stand now we have a level 3 mine, and a level 1 embassy.. We also have a level 1 research and spire. Our starbase is level 3, and building. I would like use to focus on the Research holdings and the spire. We need some dilithium and Duty officers to be donated if you can. One can find the duty officers on the starbase, near the bank/mail system. Every little bit helps, if you need help just contact me in the game.

veran@dana0071 in the game.

or Teamspeak3

Teamspeak3 info is in our Fleet information area, just download the client. hope to hear from you soon Smile
ask for Steve.
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Echo's where we are now info..
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