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 Crystalline Cataclysm + Giveaway Weekend

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PostSubject: Crystalline Cataclysm + Giveaway Weekend   Fri Aug 14, 2015 11:35 am

Greeting and salutations captains,

good work in finishing the Research Lab Development T2, with that finished we can buy the second batch of science consoles that give bonus damage after activating exotic damage abilities (grav well for ex.). The Transwarp to the Research Lab is also done and starting this weekend we will have 1 new duty officer and 1 crafting assignment available at the Lab.

By the way the Crystalline Cataclysm Event is going on, your Character has to be lvl 50 and you have to slot the event project in your reputation system. You get a shard once every 20h by doing the normal or advanced Crystalline pve queue. In the end you get 50k dil ore, a special item and up to 750 Fleet Marks (500 Fleet Marks + 250 Marks of your choice).

Also this weekend is a "giveaway" WE, every day starting today there is one item you can claim from the Zen-Store with all your chars. (2 spec points today, under promotion - claimable until friday 08/14 10 AM pacific time)
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Crystalline Cataclysm + Giveaway Weekend
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