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 Fleet Update

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Shane COA


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PostSubject: Fleet Update   Fri Aug 07, 2015 3:18 am

Greetings Alpha!!

Just a quick update on where we stand. Our purge of inactive members is complete. We lost 46 members in the purge and we still have about 30 or so that will be removed in the purge this coming January. Everyone in our fleets has the power to invite to the fleet. I'm doing the best I can to recruit new members but I encourage everyone to recruit. If you have friends that play, invite them to our fleet. If you're doing STF's and see a player without a fleet, invite them. It's as simple as that. The more active members we have the faster we will grow and the more benefits we will receive.

Our holdings are progressing nicely. We are quickly working our way towards T2 on the R&D lab and have some provisions there now. I will continue to slot provisioning projects until we hit our standard level of 50 apiece. Our embassy, mine, and spire are fully developed and provisioned, but please check there every now and then as I will be slotting provisioning projects as required. Our starbase is struggling a bit but that's mainly because I've been trying to get the smaller holdings completed to eliminate the drain on resources. We are going to keep pushing for T5 Military so we can upgrade the shipyard and then onto the T5 starbase upgrade. After that it will be up to you, the fleet members, to decide on what we will concentrate on next. The T5 Engineering will unlock Elite Fleet Weapons. Unfortunately the elite weapons are only phasers and it doesn't look like that will be changing. The T5 Science will unlock Elite Hangar Pets. So let me know either here or in game which you would prefer.

Finally. I urge everyone again to download and join our Teamspeak. It is free and makes playing the game much more enjoyable. Don't forget to add our cross-faction chat channel, freedom fleet, to your chat channels. This will allow you to chat with members in our KDF Armada. The info and instructions for both are listed in the fleet description on the info tab of the fleet screen. Keep up the awesome work!!! See you out there!!

Fleet Admiral Shane
Commanding, FAF Alpha
Commodore of the Alliance
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Fleet Update
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