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 Shuttle Event and upcoming upgrades

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PostSubject: Shuttle Event and upcoming upgrades   Thu Aug 06, 2015 4:33 am

Greetings and salutations captains,

tomorrow starts the Shuttle Weekend, especially Fleet Alert with 20 people in shuttles is quite fun. You can get "all" the different Reputation Marks or Fleet Marks from the event in a few minutes, to be precise 90 marks and if you didn't get your daily marks already another 55 marks. So get your shuttle ready and have fun. (It is easier to do than you might think.)

Also the T2 Development Upgrade in the Research Lab is comming up today, please donate to that first before any other project.

And really good work on the Starbase, we have now the T5 Science and are able to buy Elite Hangar Pets from the Fleet Store on the Starbase. The T5 Starbase Upgrade is also slotted, but please concentrate on the Research Lab first, thx.
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Shuttle Event and upcoming upgrades
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