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 Fleet Bank Rules

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Shane COA


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PostSubject: Fleet Bank Rules   Wed Jul 22, 2015 10:51 am

Greetings Everyone!!

I would like to take this opportunity to remind/inform the fleet about our bank rules. There aren’t very many rules but they are there so everyone can benefit from the fleet bank.

1. Do not put Tribbles, batteries or other easily obtainable items in the bank. They only take up room that is hard to come by in the bank.

2. If you take something out, put something back of equal or greater quality or an equivalent amount of EC’s.  Batteries or common (white) gear does not count. If you want to donate these items sell them to the vendor and donate the EC’s.

3. Bank raiding (taking items you can’t use yet or multiples of the same type, etc. to sell for EC’s) is not tolerated. We watch the bank logs closely and if you raid you will be caught.

4. A 1st offense for raiding will receive a written warning reminding you of the fleet rules. A 2nd offense results in an immediate demotion to chief. Your rank will be restored once the bank has been repaid. A 3rd offense will result in expulsion from the fleet and banning from all fleet chats and our TS.

Fleet Bank Permissions

Fleet Rank                     Permissions
Chief                              You can deposit only in the Donations Tab and withdraw 1 Item from the Donations Tab
Ensign                            You can donate to the donations Tab and withdraw 2 items from any Tab
Lieutenant                      You can donate to the Donations Tab and withdraw 4 items from any Tab
Lt. Cmdr.                        You can donate to the Donations Tab and withdraw 6 items from any Tab
Cmdr.                             You can donate to any Tab and have unlimited withdrawals.

The fleet bank is there to benefit all the members of the fleet and not personal gain. Everyone donates to the bank and it is not fair to them if a single person uses it to benefit just themselves. If we all obey these rules, our fleet will continue to grow and prosper. Keep up the great work!!

Fleet Admiral Shane
Commodore of the Alliance
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Fleet Bank Rules
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