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 Fleet Message 07/17/2015

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PostSubject: Fleet Message 07/17/2015   Sat Jul 18, 2015 4:19 am

Greeting and salutations captains,

the new holding is out, the Research Lab. Currently we are still trying to get the Science to T5, after that i would like to concentrate on the new holding, then the Starbase again. What can we expect to get out of it, the most important stuff will be at the end, 1 more Trait-Slot for Space/Ground/Active Ability and 1 Starship Trait-Slot. You can already visit the holding and look around, its located near the Kyana System in the Delta Quadrant. I recommend to check out the new gear we will get from the holding in the near future. Also our Fleet Armada is set up and you can check it out over the Fleet Screen in the Armada tab.

Fleet Captain Yuri@qajk
Commanding, FAF Omicron
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Fleet Message 07/17/2015
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