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PostSubject: Heya   Fri Jul 17, 2015 2:33 pm

First off in many fleets but mostly KDF. In main fleet, zeta fleet, alliance pirates and blood warriors.
Currently XO of KDF fleets. My @handle is @asmodial66

Not an expert builder but do know a lot of ins and outs with the crafting, upgrade and doffing on fed/rom/KDF

Will always offer at the very least advice from my own mistakes and for you to not make them and if I can offer you a cheaper way to get better gear or even make some EC. Will help as long as I don't feel I am being taken advantage of and I am pretty generous if treated as such and advice at least is always free:)

Live long and prosper or if all else fails use Klingon diplomacy to take what ya want with honor:)
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