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 Kappa Fleet update

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Deanna Ryan@Gazman2012


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PostSubject: Kappa Fleet update   Thu Jul 16, 2015 5:33 am

Greeting Kappa Fleet Members,

Current status of the Fleet is as follows:

Dilithium mine is well on it way to becoming Tier 3 which just needs the Development side finishing and then the final upgrade.

Embassy is progressing but keeping that a slow pace as we don't need both upgrades at the same time.

Spire needs some work but working on getting the Dilithium mine and Embassy done before we tackle the Spire.

Starbase is progressing well and the Engineering side of the starbase is nearly complete but again our members need to focus on the Dilithium mine and the embassy before tackling focusing on the spire and starbase (The Dilithium mine will give us a discount of 6% which would help)

If anyone has any question then feel free to mail on the forum or in game.

Your fearless Fleet Captain
Deanna Ryan
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Kappa Fleet update
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