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 What is a Lobi Crystal?

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Shane COA


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PostSubject: What is a Lobi Crystal?   Wed Jul 15, 2015 6:24 am

Lobi Crystals are a product of the Lobi Consortium, a wholly owned subsidiary or Quark Enterprises. The main way of obtaining Lobi Crystals is by opening lock boxes. Occasionally, STO will run a Featured Episode Re-Run Event which will let you collect a certain amount of Lobi every day while the event is going on. You use Lobi Crystals to purchase ships, gear and other commodities from the Lobi Store. You can access the Lobi Store by either right clicking on your Lobi Crystals and selecting Use, or by talking to the Ferengi in the Cargo Bay of Drozana Station.
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What is a Lobi Crystal?
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