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Shane COA


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PostSubject: Zen?   Wed Jul 15, 2015 5:38 am

Zen is Cryptics' version of cash and usually costs real money except in one case. To actually buy Zen, you must log into your Arc account at www.arcgames.com/ . Then click on My Account and then Account Wallet. The various ways of paying for Zen are listed there. The way to get Zen without paying cash is to buy it with Dilithium. To do this, bring up your inventory screen (I). Click on the Assets tab at the top. Then under you Dilithium listing are two buttons, Refine and Exchange. Click on the Exchange button. On the next screen click on the buy Zen tab at the top. You will see a table on the upper left showing the amount of dil per Zen on the left and the amount available on the right. Obviously you want the number on the left to be as LOW as possible so you get more Zen for your Dil. If you already have Zen and need some refined dil you can click on the sell Zen tab. The format is the same as buying Zen except that you want the number on the left to be as HIGH as possible.

If you have multiple toons on your account and need to move dil between them, you can also use the exchange for this. To do this, bring up the dilithium exchange screen. Click on the buy Zen tab. On the bottom left enter 25 in the amount of zen per dil. In the next box enter the amount of dil you want to move and click the submit offer button. As soon as the offer posts, click the cancel offer button on the right. The dil you moved is now in your account on the exchange. Switch to the toon that you need the dil on, open the exchange screen and click the withraw all button on the right. All of the dil in your exchange account is now on the toon you are currently on. This only works for toons on the same account.

If you know of other ways to earn Zen please feel free to post them here.
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